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Job Opportunity

St. Ansgar Lutheran church seeks a Vacation Bible School Coordinator for the Summer 2019 program.  Job includes planning, organizing and executing a one week half-day program for the third week of August.  Please send your resume by March 15, 2019 to


Vacation Bible Camp 2017

VBC 2017 | Hero Central 

We are in the process of putting together a team of volunteer leaders to organize games, crafts, and activities with the campers. We are booking special events during the week and planning outdoor activities. There are still lots of ways that you can help with the camp! We are always looking for volunteers to help with the camp:

  • to decorate the church with this year’s theme
  • to lead the children to each activity
  • to help with organization

Whether it be for a day or for the whole week, we appreciate all the support you can offer. You can sign up in the narthex or call Louise Clunas.

So tell your kids; tell your friends; tell everyone you know. Hero Central begins August 14 through to the 18, from 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

The cost of registration is $25 per child or $40 for a family. You can register your children at any time in person through the forms in the Narthex, or by calling Anna in the office, or online below.

The VBC Committee


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What is Vacation Bible Camp?

Our Vacation Bible Camp held each August gets great reviews.

Bible stories are retold with themes that make them relevant to the everyday lives of children ages 3-12. The children enjoy many lively activities including drama, music, arts and crafts, games and storytelling.

Each day, tasty, healthy snacks are provided and a highlight of the week is a closing program to which parents are invited. All children are welcome to join this great educational program.

Vacation Bible Camp 2013

God’s Wonderful World!

God’s Wonderful WorldVacation Bible Camp (VBC) is a week-long morning camp that takes
place every year in August for children aged 4-10. It is a wonderful opportunity for our Sunday School children to invite friends in the neighbourhood for Bible stories, art and science activities, crafts, special music, drama and outdoor games. VBC is also an important time for children to make meaningful connections to the Word of God in their own lives.

This year’s theme is “God’s Wonderful World,” based on two colourful books, “The World God Made – The Story of Creation,” and “What a Wonderful World.” The message of the parables of Jesus will also be shared with the children.

I am pleased to be your 2013 Vacation Bible Camp Co-ordinator! My name is Barbara Butler, and I am a life-long Lutheran, a primary/junior school teacher in Toronto and mother of two teenagers.

Here is a brief outline of VBC 2013.
What is my role in God’s world? How can I make a positive difference in my world?

  • Let’s celebrate creation! We can look at God’s wonderful world and show our appreciation with thanks and praise.
  • How can we care for the earth? How can we be good stewards? We protect animals and their habitats. We always look for ways to help keep the earth green and healthy.
  • How do we follow Jesus’ command and care for others in our lives? Everyday, we remember to treat others in a kind, fair and loving way at home, school and in our neighbourhood. We can be good role models, treat others with respect, and help stop bullying.
  • How do we make a difference in the lives of others around the world? We reach out and give hope to others. We can learn about the work of the Olive Branch ministry in Africa.

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, we will look at the above-mentioned books as part of the Children’s Message during Worship Service. After service there will be an information meeting for volunteers who would like to contribute their time, talent and ideas in a variety of ways. We will confirm the dates for VBC at this time. Young adults are welcome!  We welcome your ideas and suggestions as we make our plans. Please keep our ongoing work  in your prayers. I look forward to working with all of you!

Barbara Butler, VBC Co-ordinator

News and Photos from 2012 VBS

Splash in God’s Word

St. Ansgar’s sanctuary was transformed into the primary locale for this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) “Splash in God’s Word”. It didn’t take the children long to realize that water was the primary theme for the week. We learned that the rainbow represents God’s promise to us. We learned that we can’t walk on water (even in a splash pool). And we wondered what the temperature of the water in the baptismal font normally is.      

The altar became our popular news anchor desk, which helped to convey the bible story for the day. The kids looked forward to the daily reports from our news anchors. The roving reporter interviewed surprising guest speakers and we wondered whether the crazy weather reporter survived in their sou’wester, wellies and raincoat on the stormy days.

On Wednesday, our guest visitor, Pastor Charlene (aka Mrs. Twist) entertained the children by recounting the day’s bible story through balloons, music and slideshow. She managed to top things off with everyone getting to make their own balloon creations from her rainbow of balloons.

The kids were enthralled with boat races and osmosis experiments at the Science station, where white carnations really did absorb colours overnight (red and blue worked best if you want to try this at home).  Arts & Crafts were dominated by marine-themed creations, with everything from origami fish scenes, paper hats, boats and paper bag fish, to framed underwater scene cards, while various activities awaited in the Drama station.

Not only were our hearts and souls nourished – we were treated to nutritious snacks, heart- pumping games, and vocal chords were exercised with rounding renditions of “Rise and Shine” aka “Arky Arky”.

Thanks to our tireless volunteers who made this happen: Carol and David Lau, Barbel and Karl Hauer, Wendy Paroyan, Tiffany Bunbury-Pelley, and Laura Wagner. Heartfelt  thanks to Felicia Narain , Johanna Wong, Diann Carpenter, Carmen and Jordan Smith, June and David Weind, David Clunas, and Rachel Gowey who were able to not only help on short notice, but were open (and did!) help in any way possible. 

Extra special thanks to Anna McRae, who did the lion’s share of the behind the scenes work to ensure that VBS got off the ground.  And let’s not forget David Weind and David Bestvater, who ensured that the installation of the new organ and pew relocation had minimal impact on VBS.

If you’ve never been involved in this truly rewarding facet of the Children and Youth Ministry, consider being part of the experience next year.

Louise Clunas

Sunday School Co-ordinator