Endowment Fund

St. Ansgar Endowment Fund

“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.” (1 Peter 4:10)

The congregation of St. Ansgar Lutheran Church has always had a special vision for serving our community and the world.  God has blessed our congregation with talents, dedication, caring and gifts.  We are truly thankful for all we have!  We also take seriously our stewardship responsibilities and the use of these gifts both for present and future generations.  The St. Ansgar Endowment Fund was set up in 2009 to be a perpetual source for the financing of ministry at local, national and international levels.   The principal of the Fund shall be preserved and only investment interest income shall be disbursed.

Each year, the interest income earned on the fund is dispersed as directed by the Fund Committee and the St. Ansgar Endowment Fund resolution and bylaws.  It is the hope of the people of St. Ansgar Luther Church that, as this fund grows through gifts and bequests of members and friends of the congregation, that a sustained and substantial amount of money will be available through the interest earned on the fund each year to support various expressions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ close to home, throughout Canada, and around the world.

I hope that you will give serious and prayerful consideration to contributing to this fund through a onetime gift, an annual contribution, or perhaps as part of your estate planning.   Please consider the St. Ansgar Endowment Fund in your will or as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.  The St. Ansgar Endowment Fund provides a unique and lasting stewardship vehicle for people to express gratitude to God for the blessings they have received.    For more information, or to receive a copy of the fund resolution and bylaws, please contact our office.

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