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The Philosophical Thought of David Johnson

The Philosophical Thought of David Johnson
Adult Education – Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.
(beginning March 12)

David Johnson, a long time and active member of St. Ansgar, has recently published two books that explore the development of human nature and the human mind. David challenges the as-sumption that our development was merely a biological evolution crediting cultural inventions and revolutions for shaping who we have become. From the liner notes of one book: “As he develops his original and distinctive argument about the development of humankind he takes readers on a journey that touches archaeology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, linguistics, and philosophy.”

David is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus and York University, and is very excited about sharing his insights and explorations that have come from 49 years of teaching. Classes promise to be interesting, informative, and fun.

David’s first book, “How History Made the Mind,” can be purchased through Amazon at:

Introduction – Adult Education

We believe that education is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth for people of all ages.  Adult Education is a time for study and discussion in which we explore issues of faith and life.

These and other opportunities for learning help us to discover God’s boundless love for us, and help us grow in faith.