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Canadian ELCIC Links

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is the major Canadian representative of the traditions of the Lutheran reformation of the catholic Christian church. This site contains a wealth of information about Lutheranism including the creeds we confess as Christians.

The Eastern Synod is one of five synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, consisting of 208 member congregations and 78,000 baptized members. The territory of the Eastern Synod runs from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Youth and Young Adult (YAYA) Committee is a way to stay connected, to resource and inform one another and as a platform to highlight the many awesome young adults who are doing some incredible things in our Synod and the world.

ELCIC worship, liturgy and spirituality resources.

Pastor’s Message February 2012

While I am the public face of worship at St. Ansgar each Sunday, it takes a lot of people to make wor-ship happen each week. At the risk of leaving someone out, let’s see: there’s Bill our music director and the choir of 10 to 15 people and perhaps a soloist; there is someone from the altar guild who sets up everything for Holy Communion and cleans up afterwards; the paraments (altar, pulpit and lecturn hangings), flowers, and seasonal decorating have to be prepared and arranged; there are readers, assist-ing ministers, ushers and greeters; there are Sunday School teachers, offering counters, coffee makers, and Coffee House hosts. That adds up to about 30 people.

Have I left anyone out? Oh yeah –


In the act of communal worship, you have as important a role as anyone in the above list of jobs to be done each week. You are not a member of the audience here to be entertained. As the students are taught in confirmation class, you “are a group of actors who take part in the great drama. The congre-gation offers praise in word and song, actively listens to the reading and the preaching, shares in the creed and the prayer of the church, portrays the church as a family of reconciliation by passing the peace, and takes part in the drama of the Gospel by offering the gifts and sharing in the meal.” [Daniel Erlander, “Baptized We Live”]

I’ve often thought – in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way – that it would be great to assign every member the congregation, young and old, a particular job on Sunday morning. Aside from the list above, we might add a photographer or two for the website, a tech person to monitor the sound system, someone to sit with a visitor and help them through the service, acolytes, song leaders, someone to video or re-cord services for the internet, someone whose job it is just to welcome little children, a lift operator, Sunday School assistants, nursery assistants, a different lector for each reading, power-point projection operator, chief cook and bottle-washer. The number of jobs would only be limited by our imagina-tions! And you wouldn’t have to do the same job every week – we could operate like modern factories and give everyone a different job each Sunday, just so long as everyone has a particular responsibility.

But the truth is, there is a job for everyone every Sunday morning. Even if you are not assigned a par-ticular role to play on the Rota Schedule, you have a responsibility – many responsibilities, in fact. Showing up and being part of the community. Being willing to actively and enthusiastically play your role in the gospel drama. Opening yourself to allowing the Holy Spirit to act in you through the liturgy of word and sacrament. And finally, taking the gospel you have experienced in this time of worship and living it in the world through words and deeds of kindness, compassion, peace and grace.

Looks like we’re going to have to add a lot more space on the Rota Schedule.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Brian

Introduction – Adult Education

We believe that education is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth for people of all ages. Adult Education is a time for study and discussion in which we explore issues of faith and life.

These and other opportunities for learning help us to discover God’s boundless love for us, and help us grow in faith.


  • Every Tuesday mornings at 8:45 AM, you are invited to join in a weekly Zoom gathering with a Scripture text, devotion, bit of conversation and prayer. All are welcome! An invitation for either will be sent out with the link details to the congregation. If you would like to added to our email distribution please contact Pastor Pamela Kormano at
  • Every Wednesday at 12 Noon, you are invited to join us via Zoom for our Bible Circle. Invitation for either will be sent out with the link details to the congregation. If you would like to added to our email distribution please contact Pastor Pamela Kormano at
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Bible Book Club! ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson invites us to form a Bible Book Club with members of the congregation, friends, family or others from the community as a way to study scripture and discuss the Bible together. All are welcome and people may join as we journey along! September 2020 marks the second year of the Living our Faith initiative, to which our emphasis has shifted from prayer to reading. Each month we will focus together on a different book of the Bible.

I invite you to join together the First Tuesday of each month at 12 noon by Zoom to discuss the book of the Bible we have read during the previous month.

Please feel free to be in touch with Pastor Pamela if you have any questions or would like to join in!


  • Please join us on Monday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 am for our virtual senior’s exercise classes with Ava. These classes are geared to increase mobility and most exercises are completed sitting in your chair. Please have a chair, water bottle, towel and 2 cans (to be used as weights) for the classes. To access the classes please click on the link below or call in via your phone and Ava will guide you through the exercises:

Zoom Meeting

One tap mobile +16473744685,4166900769# Canada Meeting ID: 4166900769

Introduction – Confirmation

We believe that education is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth for people of all ages. Children are welcome to attend our Sunday School which has a structured curriculum and enthusiastic teachers.  Confirmation is a two-year program covering the basics of faith for young people.